27 Free Smudge Photoshop Brushes (Painterly Edition)

Free Smudge Photoshop Brushes

Using photoshop smudge brushes can significantly enhance your art since it adds to it a painterly finish that you often don’t imagined. This particular set of brushes can be used as an alternative to default Photoshop smudge tool which often has limitations. This comes in handy while working on arts like digital painting and anime. The following brush set is made by a talented artist from Japan and his name is John Silva. You can follow him on his Deviantart profile.

smudge brushes


Installation & Usage

1. Just like any other Photoshop brush file, simply drag the .abr file into Photoshop and it automatically loads it.

2. Choose the smudge tool from the side toolbox.

3. Put the smudge tool strength on 100%

4. Apart from the top 3 brushes, for the most part if you want a nice texture, try to only tap with you tablet pen when using a smudge brush, the random setting will create a better mark of the texture.

5. It works best in contrasty areas of your painting

Pro Tip

To achieve the best results, try to tap your pen stylus only for 90% of these smudge brushes instead of pressing and dragging.


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