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35+ Best Free jQuery Plugins


Every best free jQuery plugin for 2015 web development is included here so that you can get the best out of sliders, carousel, maps, scroll plugins for free download. jQuery is now a very popular JavaScript library which was released in 2006 and which now also became a de facto option for interactive website designs.

Open source plugin development has since increased to a very high level with every developer out there contributing to the community whenever possible. These free resource sharing for personal development has helped other developers to avoid wasting huge time on framework development.  All we have done here is include what is best for different website needs from slider design to parallax scrolling frameworks.

Finding the best jQuery plugin with minimal and light weight code is hard for many so we took the extra time and figured the best out of a huge list of free jQuery plugins. This below introduced plugins will surely help you make interactive website designs in no time so please share this article with your friends as well.

Croppic – Image Crop Plugin

For image cropping you have to look no further as this flexible plugin provides options to resize, zoom, crop, drag and move the selection to choose the specific part of image. A online demo can be seen on the croppic plugin website where you can upload an image from your local computer and see how the stuff works from uploading image to output the image as an specific url.

Source link

croppic resize

Magnifying Glass Plugin

A magnify plugin source code with HTML, CSS and jQuery code snippet which can zoom a certain round of image for maximum zoom as required. This is particularly great for showcasing product pages with lots of images  in eCommerce websites where detail is required.

Source Link

Magnifying Glass Plugin with jQuery

jQuery Flip-Quote

A beautiful plugin to display text in quotes with flip transition when the page with the flip quote area is viewed by the visitor. This leads to a point of attention to the visitor to a particular text.

Demo Download

flip quote

jQuery Flat Price Slider

A unique price slider with proper HTML, CSS and jQuery code for any checkout websites to finalize the order. Currently there are two options to seek through amount of dollars and minimum duration which can be changed as your needs.

Demo Download

price slider

jQuery Onepage Scroll Plugin

An one page scroll plugin to limit page view to a single page with this jQuery free plugin. Everything from features, sliders can be integrated in one page for a long scroll upto call to action button.

Demo Download



jQuery File Upload Plugin

An amazing upload plugin made with jQuery Module with multiple file upload options and manually start of files to be uploaded. You can cancel the upload any time and also with the option to delete added and uploaded files to the server.

Demo Download

upload plugin

jQuery Validation Plugin

Important plugin for all jQuery users out there as this is already developed with high effort to validate your daily forms with checks like minimum characters, must select radio buttons, form completion and more.

Examples Download

jquery validation plugin

Google maps jQuery Map Plugin

With little code Google map integration into your own website is now very easy. This setup of gmaps plugin has many features to mark map events, geolocation and 20 more features.

Demo Download

google maps plugin

jQuery Vertical News Slider

A vertical slider which automatically shuffles through the blog posts is noticeable plugin of jquery today. News with images and a s brief summary can be added to improve the overall readability of the slider plugin and it will suit great on your sidebar or in any inline elements.

Demo Download

jQuery Vertical News Slider

Rangeslider.js – Price Range Slider

A HTML range elements for input type made by jquery grunt framework to seek a range of price users may like. This price range slider is also responsive.

Demo Download

slider price

ScrollMagic – One Page Scrolling Plugin

An all in one plugin to those who like one page scrolling on their website with parallax effects. This plugin has many transitions to play with while the page is scrolled a limited number of resolution vertically.

Demo Download

scroll magic

jQuery pop menu

A pop up menu with nine options to choose from making the live interaction with your website navigation available any part of the website. You can also choose from two color schemes which is totally responsive design.

Demo Download

pop menu

OWL Carousel – Responsive Image Carousel Slider

This free jquery plugin is the best for responsive image carousel plugin as it comes with many transitions, features we cannot ignore. Finder touch and mouse drag features to move the image slider is another notable feature. You have complete control of everything you can think of in this slider plugin.

Demo Download

owl carousel

anoSlide – Ultra lightweight responsive jQuery carousel

A lightweight less than 8KB jquery plugin at uncompressed state is the proof of this plugin for its minimal code. Responsive design with auto image load and callback functions is key part of this plugin development.

Demo Download


Kartograph.js – Interactive Map Plugin

A unique framework for building interactive map applications with svg. You will find two libraries one of them is a python library which generates illustrative SVG maps and the other adding interactive maps with the generated SVG maps.



noUiSlider – Price Range Slider

A responsive jquery slider plugin without bloat to add interactivity to your price ranges in eCommerce websites.



Nivo Slider – Free jQuery Image Slider Plugin

This jquery plugin is totally free and your start up slider for your website. The slider comes with many image transitions to change the total appeal of the images which you like to display on your homepage. With tiny, semantic code as well as with responsive layout design this is one impressive free plugin every developer must have.

Demo Download

nivo slider

FormChimp – Mailchimp Signup Plugin

A simple plugin solution to make signup to mailchimp mail list a breeze. You have the options to control the overall functionality of the plugin to make it even better.

Demo Download


Unislider – Super tiny jQuery image Slider

A tiny jquery plugin with less than 3KB uncompressed will tell the whole story behind why you want to use this image slider for free. The minimal code markup will load pretty fast on your website without loading the server. This is minimal slider with minimal transitions and just for sliding through the gallery of images and nothing else.



Cool Kitten – Parallax Scrolling responsive framework

A scrolling framework to simply your one page scrolling website setup with parallax effects in no time. This pack contains a list of HTML/CSS/jQuery files to start building your pages easily. The plugin introduces responsive framework so modern website building is possible.

Demo Download

parallax scrolling

Magnific Popup – Responsive jQuery Lightbox Plugin

A responsive lightbox plugin with single image popups, lightbox gallery, popups for videos, dialog and much more. The performance of this plugin is great so you don’t have to lag behind while using this jquery script on your website. Error handling capabilities which can tell if the image is lost showing the right message at the time.

Demo Download

Magnific Popup

Typeahead.js – Autocompletion Plugin

The twitter icon in typeadhead means its a plugin open source by twitter team for the free community.  You are free to use this plugin on search forms to auto complete the search fields as user types in a letter.

Demo Download


PopEasy- Custom Modal pop Window

A plugin to display popup of login forms, images etc with ease as this free jquery plugin allows creating modal windows for your website. For maximum focus it masks everything else other than the modal windows with a light dark background.

Demo Download

pop easy

FlowType.JS – Text Magnifier Plugin

Typography plugins are very important in modern day websites as we can see many theme design implement font size increase, decrease. Users can have complete control of the font size so that they can view the text clearly as they want. Add this little plugin to improve the readability of text and make it  customization ready, scalable by the user itself.

Demo Download


textillate.js – Text Animation Plugin

With this free jquery plugin you can go ahead and add unlimited css3 transitions to your style sheets to show up on your website.

Demo Download


Lettering.js – Web Typography Plugin

If custom big headings are your thing then you should use this powerful jQuery plugin which provides a nice framework to make custom headings on your website.

Demo Download


Zoomooz.js – Zoom Webpage

Decide an element to zoom on your website to give complete focus on the specific object. Click and you have the option to skew, zoom, rotate the webpage with a mouse.

Demo Download


Zynga Scroller – Text, Image Scroller Plugin

This plugin has touch support and works with mouse drag as well. Transitions like bounce, lock, zoom can be used along with this plugin to make the whole process even more interactive.

Demo Download


Least – jQuery Gallery

A grid and pinterest style gallery plugin which can be used to display an awesome grid gallery on your website with unique set of options. Least is responsive, html/css and jquery plugin gallery for photographers and alike.
Demo Download
least gallery

K-Editor Free JQuery Plugin

K-Editor is a free JQuery plugin, which has awesome options to customize the design on screen and edit the contents with simple steps. Feel free to download the plugin.
Demo Download
K-Editor Free JQuery Plugin

Fancy Tree Plugin

Fancy tree is a file exploring plugin, can be used for websites with multiple pages, large contents like wiki websites and much more.
Demo Download
Fancy Tree Plugin

Full Screen Calendar Plugin

An awesome calendar plugin with amazing features like event adding, editing and it will be highlighted on the particular date.
Demo Download
Full Screen Calendar Plugin

Organizational Chart Plugin

Free organizational chart plugin, cna be integrated in any of your HTML/CSS website. An it has nice animation effect with excellent creative design.
Demo Download
Organizational Chart Plugin

Magnify Plugin

Magnify plugin is really useful for the online shopping website, where the products can be magnified using mouse over. Feel free to download.
Demo Download
Magnify Plugin

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