32 Creative Billboard Advertising Examples

coops paints billboard advertising

Billboards are an excellent advertising tool to get viewers attraction in high traffic areas and towns. Billboards are mainly used in outdoor ads. Some advertisers take billboards to the extreme using great creativity. They are designed in various methods such as digital display, 3D and flat designs, mostly found in high population areas and highways to attract travellers.

Here we showcase 30+ exceptional billboard advertising examples and after checking this article you will get great ideas on creative, 3D and flat billboard designs. Find ways to place these billboards to public by looking at the examples.

Super Sticky Notes

Super sticky note amazingly created by OgilvyAction is an example for billboard advertising. It is a sticky banner that makes you like it.

Law and Order outdoor lamp

Interestingly created three dimensional billboard advertising example of law & order outdoor lamp. It has a eye catching view. Man under the light attracts the viewers into the ads.

For all your heavyweight shipments

DHL is the global market leader in logistics industry makes their billboard advertising with all the standards. The billboard get noticed by its creativity & design.

Denver Water Hose

‘Use only what you need’ the quote made by denver water invites all the users mind into the billboard.

Billboard Gordon

Lad12 Billboard Gordon

Webinteractive branding study

For showcasing users a marketing view.

MCV Billboards

Mercedes Benz manufacturing vehicles and here is one of the amazing billboard for their trucks with the caption ‘trucks you can trust on a road. Its Interesting.
mcv trucks billboards

Mitchell Gold Billboard

Attractive billboard for mitchell gold & Bob williams factory outlet. They highlight their furniture standards through this add.
Mitchell Gold Billboard

Lad12 Billboard Vin

Branding Campaign billboard revealing a simple & cute view.

Dock79 Concept

Dock79 the branded name in hospitality makes their billboard advertising more attractively and gives a two side view to viewers.

iHeartRadio Music Festival Logo

Amazing billboard created for iHeartRadio Music Festival. The man on the board attracts everyone.
iHeart Radio Music Billboard


Doggyloot-the sites for the cute dogs , makes their billboard with amazing and different way.

Creative Examples

Here there are more creative billboard ideas for you to take inspiration from.

Clever and Creative Billboard Ads

Man on meditation. Interesting and attractive billboard.

Creative car billboards

Eye catching creative car billboard. The way of makes it simple and beautiful.
car billboard

Naval Museum

Billlboard of the Naval Museum of alberta created by simple and beautiful.
Naval Museum of alberta

Real Time Weather

MetService one of the famous Weather Report Site makes their billboard in transparent & Interesting way.
Real time weather report

The Expendables 3

Nice example for film billboard and gere is The Expandables 3.
 The Expendables 3 billboard

Apple ipad

Simple and attracting billboard for Apple ipad mini in a simple white background.
ipad mini Oct12 billboard

The New Mini cooper

Billboard for the new mini cooper with the caption ‘THE NEW MINI.THE NEW ORIGINAL’.Mini coper is outside the box.
new mini cooper_out_of_box

Coops paints

Coop’s paint invite all viewers by the tag line ‘Life Comes At You Fast and Amazing creativity of the billboard.
coops paints billboard

Piada Street Food

Piada the name of Italian street food invites customers mind using one nice billboard.
Piada-Italian Street food


Prestige one of the famous home appliance brand in India makes one beautiful billboard for their Non-stick pan.
prestige pan billboard

Beak Out

Rio2 Beak out one of the famous movie and its beautiful billboard.
Rio 2 movie special billboard


Intelligently created billboard for steels with the view of a bulging car.
reinforced steel structure billboard


Lip on the straw and viewers look on the add.Billboard created by stripes invites viewers interaction.

Tecate Light

International bran for beer makes their billboard with the picture of an eagle with pointed eyes&view. It catches the viewers vision.

Sprinklers Water

Billboard by denver water. Simply and amazingly created.
Broker Denver water

Viking Move poster

Van Wanger the famous name in entertainment & sports makes billboard for one of the famous entertainment show vikings.
Vikings special extension History billboard

Look At Me

Thinkable billboard with a lady watching all the crowd.


Dallas-the name of laxuary welcomes all with the caption ‘big things happen here’ in ther amazing billboard.
Dallas Big things happen dog billboard

Studio video apartments

Variety looking billboard invites attention of viewers and welcomes to the world of studio apartments.
studio apartments billboards

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