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30+ CSS3 Hover Effects and Animation


In our daily day life most of us visit several type of websites for different purposes. Each site has a unique and nice design. There are millions of websites with superb designs. There are different methods adopted to make the website more beautiful.

We browse through different type of websites, When you roll the cursor over a link on the page of a website, it is referred as the hovering over the link. Hover often used in different type of website to add usability. It gives a nice animation effect on each page of the website.

Here we present 30+ Free CSS3 Hover Effects and Animation for you and each of the example presented here has a nice and attractive effect. You can use this hover effects in your works. Different types of hover effects are available here. You can select appropriate hover effects according to your requirement. All these effects are created using pure CSS3. It’s feel free to use and download.

Hover Effects with CSS3

A fashion website with grid system and a nice animation effects created using css, when you placed the cursor in a thumbnail it automatically shows the inside content as a hover effect style and also display a read more button with permalink and shows the heading of that thumbnail.
Download Demo

Stylish Hover Effects

This css program includes ten beautiful different and attractive hover styles. This hover effects also contain some nice and awesome animation effects while we hold the mouse point to the text field. This is free to download and use.
Download Demo
10 hover effects

Animated image hover effects

This effects contains some nice rounded shapes, each shape includes an image that having some movement animation effects on it. You van replace the image with your content.
Download Demo
Image hover

Image Hover with CSS3

This css contains 15 awesome box animation with some nice effects. This can be used for creating nice hover animation in your grid design websites. Check the demo link to view the preview and select your favorite hover effect.
Download Demo
image hover 12

Thumbnail Hover Effects

Nice thumbnail hover effects created using css, This css code contains four nice animation effects for your website design, feel free to download and use.
Download Demo
Thumnail Hover Effects

Hover Effect CSS3 for Bootstrap Gallery

This css3 hover effects can be mainly used for your grid design website, have some nice zoom back effects included, also shows the inside content and description while hovering through the image.
Download Demo
hover with css3

Great Hover Effect

This is a sliding hover animation effects. This includes four pages, when we placed the cursor over an image it the other images slide to a corner and display the selected image or content. The sliding take place from left to right and vice versa according to your selection.
Download Demo
great hover effect

Simple Hover Effect

This is an another simple hover effect using css3 design, this hover effect shows the content while holding the mouse in a particular image of thumbnail link.
Download Demo
hover effect ideas

Pure Hover Effect

A simple shadow hover effect created using HTML and CSS, placing mouse pointer to the filed it hover the content with a nice black shadow effect in the bottom of the thumbnail field.
Download Demo
hover of images

Face Hover Effect

This is a simple hover zoom back effect. Free to download and use for your commercial and personal projects.
Download Demo
Face hover Effect

Text Hover Effect

This is a customization css code, you can add your own text and display that tesy while hovering through the field. It contains different animations running in background.
Download Demo
text hover

Nice Hover Effect

This is a nice simple sliding animation mostly used in header menu with red color. The colors can be changed by editing the css source code. It also add some zoom effect to the picture associated with the menu bar.
Download Demo
Image hover effect-an-12

Profile CSS3 Hover Effect

This is a portfolio hover animation mostly found in portfolio website and ‘about’ pages. It gives you a sliding animation effect from right to left that contains the profile details of the respective author. The background color is red and that can be changed with your needs.
Download Demo
profile css3 Hover

CSS3 Powered Hover

This is a light box gallery developed by using jQuery and CSS3. The hover effect used for this animation is a simply displays the content and heading with a black shadow effect.
Download Demo
lightbox hover

Different Hover

It is a collection of nine different animation hover effect that is mostly applied for photography website to animate the preview images. It contains balck and white, blurry, circular, tropicalia, slider effect and zoom back effect. All these effcets are freebies.
Download Demo
different hover

Hexagon Hover Effect

The name says the effect, This is a responsive grid of hexagonal boxes with with top and bottom slider closing animation that displays the article.
Download Demo
hexagon hover

Direction Aware Hover Effect

Aware Hover Effect with CSS3 Transform and jQuery.
Download Demo
direction aware hover effect

Hover effects with CSS3 filters

Simple hover effects with CSS filters, This contains nine different filers using for image manipulation. By hovering these images you can achieve the filter effects.
Download Demo
hover effect with filters

Blog Hover Effects

This is an image hover effects used to display the article content when a cursor placed in the image. This code have nine simple and beautiful hover effect for displaying contents over the image.
Download Demo
hover over the kitches

3D Thumb Image Hover Effect

This is a 3D hover effect using css code. When we place a cursor over an image it folds down and automatically convert to a 3D box with that image and blend the edges and sides.
Download Demo
hover effect with pseudo element

Hover Effects with CSS3

Hover effect that is mainly used for displaying the content over the image by placing the cursor. This css is help you to read a little about the content without open the link.
Download Demo
hover effect with css3

Hover Effects on Icons

This hover effect is mostly applied over the icons. This is a simple hover effects for circular icons. It also have some nice animation effects.
Download Demo
hover effects on icons

Circular Hover Effects

Circular hover effect with a closing and opening animation while you place the pointer to the button. It also have three different colors, by placing the cursor you can also read the content.
Download Demo
circle hover effects

Hover Effect on Images

Hover Effect on Images from different directions using pure CSS. A nice drop down effect with green color.
Download Demo
galaxy hover effects

Stunning Hover Effects

This article contains ten stunning animated hover effects for your webdesign, take a look and pick your favorite, its free of cost.
Download Demo
stunning hover effects

Animated Opening Type Css3 Hover Animation

It is an amazing Hover animation effect. When the mouse pointer comes over the letters, It will open. To find more about the effect, Just click on the demo button.
Download Demo
animated opening hover effect

Shape Hover Effect

It is an shape hover effect with up and down movements. You can use these stunning example in creative design works. You can easily download it.
Download Demo
shape hover effcet psd

Caption Hover Effects Using CSS3

This is a caption hover effect example with 7 different animation effect. To know more about the example ,Just click on the demo button.
Download Demo
caption hover effcet

Simple Icon Hover Effect

Hover effcet over the icons. Some of them have enlarging effect and some of them have diminishing effect.Download Demo
simple icon hover effcet

Image Caption Hover Effect CSS3

Caption comes out when mouse pointer comes over the image. It is the main attraction of these example.
Download Demo
image caption hover effect

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