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45 Free Photoshop PSD website templates


Latest website templates with psd provided for free by the designers can be utilized for you next design project for no cost whatsoever. Take a look at flat website templates which every template is made of these days. Flat design has become popular and you will agree with me as most designers out there are already doing free stuff with flat minimal design in their minds.

Landing pages, Home page, Contact page can also be found with these templates most of the time as i have confirmed some of them have included all. If you are new to design then Photoshop psd editing may be a little tricky to start off. With Photoshop psd template one can easily generate html, css code along with free extensions like css3ps or paid extensions like csshat.

Both css3ps and csshat work the same way and the code generated is also similar only exception is that csshat provides more options of output like sass, scss, less etc. css3ps will work fine 99 percent of the time if you only need css output. Enough about plugins now go ahead and grab one of these free psd website templates, try to create a new one with them, share them with the public or create a coded website.

Download Free Photoshop PSD website templates

This time devfloat has took some time to get psd website templates and that too totally flat design template for you to download, recreate the psd designs. All psd files are well layered and grouped so you can alter them without much confusion. Please share in your comments and let me know if you have made any graphic design template which we will add here.

Brandi Website PSD

A one page template for Photoshop with nicely grouped psd file. White and green color combination in the site is very nice. You can use this for your site. It’s feel free to use and download.

Single page web template

It is a single page website template with nice header, Body, footer. It contains a nice background picture and nice captions about the site. You can design sites like this.
single page web template

Folio One Page PSD Theme


Kappe creative PSD theme


Movie store PSD

A movie store psd template for download with any commercial usage. It contains movie screens and has an attractive look. This is most suitable for film industry related works. Hope you like it.
movie store

Flat Startup website PSD template

flat startup website PSD template

Free PSD website template

Nice website template with the picture of a beautiful landscape. The site uses the green and black color combination very well. You can add different texts and photos into it. It’s feel free to use and download.

BlueBox: Flat Website PSD Templates Design

Websites are several types and has several designs. Here is a flat website template with nice design. It contains the beautiful color combinations and design. You can create flat websites using this template.

Creative Simple Portfolio and Blog PSD

It is a grid system layout website template contains 12 tiles. You can add more tiles into it and make it more beautiful. Hope you like the design and it is most suitable for sites which uses the grid system.
Creative Simple Portfolio & Blog PSD

Freebie: Munditia – Ecommerce PSD Template

Ecommerce is one of the most advanced trading method used by merchants. We can see several type of Ecommerce sites and each site contains particular products. Here is a Ecommerce website template relate with fashion. We hope this is very helpful to you.

Adamas Ecommerce Website PSD Template

Creating a website for eCommerce is a challenging task for designers as every client demand to have a professional site with a unique design. Mainly e commerce websites are inspired and designed based on basic shopping elements. Here is Ecommerce template with multiple shopping elements. You can use this for your business.

Bootstrap Style Homepage PSD

Collection of free and open source tools for creating website and web applications is referred as the bootstrap. It gives the nice idea about the site and it is feel free to use and download.

Miligram home page PSD


Website PSD template for mobile phone

Now a days mobile phones becomes one of the most relevant part of every one’s life. Here is a website template for mobile phones and it contains the description about phones. It is very helpful to mobile related works.

Selly – Clean Landing Page Template

Simple and clean design template. This is fully editable and most suitable for video sites. It’s feel free to use and download.

Mobile App Landing Page Template

We lives in a technology life and there are several applications are used to reduce human efforts on works. Mobile applications plays an important role in different sectors. Apps are very helpful to everyone and here is website template for applications. Hope you like it.

Agency Portfolio Template PSD

Portfolios are used to describe the details of a person or a an organization. Here is a template for agencies and it contains multiple option boxes.

Free PSD Template: Flat One Page Website


Emmeline – Multipurpose Website Template

Multipurpose website template with nice design. It is a fully responsive design, so you can use this for any type of sites.

Freebie: Flat Single Page Website

Single page sites makes great impression in technical field. In a single page multiple information are contained. Here is a single page site template which contains several options.

Hex Freebie: Portfolio Template

Beautiful website with superb design. The alignment and color combination is very nice. Hope you like the template. It’s feel free to use and download.



PSD website template – Seven Oaks


Focus – great landing page for mobile


Planeto – Free Template PSD


Free PSD Freevie Template

It is a freevie template contains nice background pictures and nice captions. You can add different ideas to it and make it more beautiful. It’s feel free to use and download. Hope you like it.

Dark Free Website .PSD 


Dexters Lab Template PSD

Lab template with nice screen pictures. It has an attractive look and super design. This is suitable for ant type sites. Hope you like it.

Protectly Website- PSD Freebie


Single Page PSD web template

Single page contains more information is the specialty of single page sites. Here is a single page website template with nice designs and contain multiple picture related to the site.

Food PSD website template


Agency Website Template

Agency website template with nice designs. Yellow and black color combination of colors in the template is very nice in the template. Download and enjoy it.

Professional Website Template

Website template with professional look. It contains multiple pictures related with different sites and nice captions. This is suited for professional looking sites. Hope you like this.
Professional website template

Real Estate Website Template

Now a days real estate is one of the most powerful business in the world. Several companies who concentrate in the real estate field. They uses different methods to introduce their product and services. Website is one of the method used by companies. Here is a real estate template for you.
Real estate website template

Magazine Blog Template

Blog or weblog is conversation site issued on the World Wide Web which contains posts and recent posts appearing first. Many blogs discuss on peculiar subject. Here is a magazine blog template with nice design and attractive design. This is very helpful to blog sites.
magazine blog temp

Travel Web design Template

Nice website template with super design. Many of us like travel nice places and sometimes we approaches travel agencies to arrange the trip. This template is mostly suitable for travel and tour agencies.

Hotel Website Template

Most of us like to eat good and tasty foods. There are millions of hotels provide nice foods. Here is website template for hotels. It contains nice background pictures and captions It also suitable for travel related sites. Hope you like it.

Modernist Website Template

modernist template

Imaginative Website Template

Colorful and attractive website template. It contains different description about the site and super background pictures. You can design nice and superb design using this example.
Imaginative temp

Multipurpose eCommerce Website free PSD Template

It is a Multipurpose eCommerce Website psd template is rich with amazing faetures. So you can set the websites in very short period of time.
ecommerce multi psd web template

BisLite Business Website PSD Templates

Bislite is an elegant looking free Website PSD Template is perfect for the creation of business websites. Easy customization options and rich features helps you to set up website in very short period of time.
bislite free psd template

Mango-Ecommerce Website Template Design (PSD)

Colorful eCommerce website template is very helpful in the designing of eCommerce website templates. The rich features simplifies your design process.
mangoshop free psd website template

Buler Ecommerce Website PSD Template

Buler is clean eCommerce Website PSD Template.
buler free ecommerce website psd template

Portfolio Website Template (PSD)

Clear and attractive Portfolio Website template with 3 column design. You can easily edit this template as per the requirement.
revenant website psd

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