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Cloud-Technology Logo psd

A logo is a striking mark, image or design usually used by economical enterprises to increase public perception. Logos are generated either graphically(symbols/icons) and word name. Now a days logos plays an important role in the business. A good logo always attracts people and it will reflect in the business. There are several type of logos are used for different companies and each logo is used for explaining a particular theme. In design field, Logos created using Photoshop has high quality.

Now a days different methods are adopted for marketing a companies products or services. Logos plays a powerful role in the business field. Logos created using different methods. Photoshop is one of the best way used to create logos. It increases the beauty of each logo. Different texts and light effects can add to the logo using PSD. Several companies create beautiful and striking logos using Photoshop.

Here we present 30 free PSD logo templates for you and each of the logo presented here has a nice and attractive effect. You can use and design new logos using this psd’s. Different types of logos are available here and you can select appropriate logo according to your purpose. You can add different texts and layers to the logos and make it more beautiful. It’s free feel to use and download.

GeekPedia LOGO Template

Man face logo with attractive look. It uses the black and blue color combinations. This logo is created using Photoshop and has a high quality resolution.

Hotel Logo Template

Most of us like to eat tasty and different foods. We visit different restaurants to eat nice foods. There are several restaurants in the world. Most of them has nice logos and each logo strikes the idea about the restaurants. Here is a restaurant logo created using PSD. The colors used in the logo is very nice.

Church logo template

There are millions of believers in the world and they believes in a particular religion. Several people believes in christian religion. They make regular visit to the church as a part of their worship. Here is a church logo with nice design and attractive look.
church logo

Eagle Logo Template


Medical Logo Template

We visit hospital for treatment and consult doctor. There are several type of hospitals in the world. Each hospital has a logo. Here is medical logo with nice light effects and text. You can add the hospital name and some captions to the logo. It’s feel free to use and download.

Cloud Technology Logo Template

Cloud computing is one of the most advanced computing technology used in network field. The logo has gives the idea about the cloud related subject. Logo contains a nice cloud picture and a lighting lamp. You can use this logo for cloud related applications.

Real Estate Logo

Real estate is one of the most profitable business in the world. Now a days different real estate companies releases their products such as flats, villas and more. Here we present a real estate logo with a nice home picture and it is created using PSD. It can be used for real estate related works.

Fire Logo PSD

Fire is the symbol of light and it is a part of worship. many companies uses fire in their logo design. Here is a fire logo designed very well.

Cloud Logo PSD


Restaurant Logo template

Super restaurant logo with super chef. Restaurant’s can use this logo and can add nice ideas to this.
restaurant logo

Affiliate Logo Template


Peace Logo Template

There are several organisations works for peace. The different organisations has their own logo. Here we present a logo for peace. It is very nice to see and has a attractive design.

Attorney Logo Template


Sports logo psd template

Most of us like some type of sports. There are several clubs in sports. Here is a sports car club logo with the picture of a super sports car. It’s well created and looks very beautiful. The green color in the design is the main attraction. Hope you like the logo.

Real estate logo

Beautiful real estate logo created using the nice color combinations. The logo has simple and eye catching effect. The companies works in real estate field can use this logo. You can add different ideas to the logo and make it more beautiful.

Attractive Logo PSD templates


Travel logo template

Travel companies make service for different travel purposes. several companies works in travel field. Here is a travel company design with nice design. You can add the company tag line under the logo. It’s feel free to use and download.
travel logo

Moldova Flat Logo

Colorful flat logo designed using Photoshop. The logo is created just like tree structure. You can ad different slogans to the logo.

Customizable PSD Logo Template


Set of logo Templates


PSD Logo Templates Pack 8


Nice logo templates

Logo template set contains multiple options. You can select and design attractive logos using this example. Each logo in the set has different and nice look. It’s feel free to use and download.

Hexagonal PSD Logo Template

In logo design process several geometrical shapes are used. Here is simple and attractive logo created using the hexagon. Two hexagon is combined and make a nice logo. You can add impressive captions under the logo. Those who are interested in simple design can use this design.

PSD Logo Set


Food logo template

Here is logo set contains four different designs. Most of the famous restaurants and coffee shops has their own logos. They try to make each logo more impressive and attractive. The logo set presented here is suitable for beverages. You can use this for restaurant and coffeehouse logo design.

MAC psd logo template


Apple Logo


Secure Web PSD

Nice black and yellow colored logo suited for web related purposes. It is created uses the different Photoshop effects and colors. You can add different ideas to the logo and make it more attractive. It’s feel free to use and download.

Company logo Template

There are millions of companies in the world. Each company is expert in a particular field. They uses several methods to market their product and services. Logos plays an important role in the company business. Here is a company logo with super design. You can add striking slogans to the logo and make it more impressive.
company logo

Legal Logo PSD Template

Sometimes we approaches lawyers for some legal advice. There are millions of people works in legal field. Most of us see some type of hammer in legal related logos. Here is legal logo with a nice picture of a hammer. You can change the color of the logo and add slogans to the logo. It’d feel free to use the logo and download.

Blue Logo PSD Template

Nice looking free PSD logo template can be used for your great design works. You can easily download this logo.
blue logo psd template

Free PSD Shark Gaming Logo Type psd

It is a gaming logo psd template with well organized layers.
shark gaming logo type psd

Music Logo PSD Template

Simple and attractive music logo psd template can be used for any type of music related design works.
music logo psd template

Apple and Lemon Logo PSD

Colorful logo with impressive look and design. It is perfectly match for your colorful designs.
apple and lemon psd logo

Birdfly Logo PSD

Creative free psd logo for your great design works.
birdfly psd logo

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