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55+ Free Responsive Portfolio HTML5 Templates

magnetic - free portfolio website templates

Online websites are one of the most powerful platform to present your portfolio to the clients. There are different methods available to create portfolio websites and HTML5 is the best option.  If a person do not have the skill to develop or design website and the person need to design a portfolio website, premade HTML5 templates are their choice. Here we present 55+ absolutely free HTML 5 portfolio templates for you. These templates will make every bit of the designing process easy for you.  Here we sort out the best and attractive HTML5 templates to present your works in an impressive way.

All of our templates perfectly following the HTML 5 standards and the templates in this collection have responsive design and users will get better experience on their mobile, tablet devices. You can present all the features about your works through these websites.

The enlisted templates can be used for different types of portfolios including personal, business, photography and many more. Easy customization options and responsive designs are an asset for your portfolios. Hope this templates are very helpful to create amazing portfolios either its personal or for studio agencies. Hope you like it.

Rex – Free Multipurpose portfolio template

Rex is a multipurpose HTML 5 Portfolio template and it is mostly suitable for creative designers and business purposes. You can create any type of portfolio website using this template.

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MU Material

This is a personal portfolio HTML 5 template with attractive look and amazing options. You can create personal portfolio using this template and present all the works you done and skills you have.

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Intensely – Business portfolio html5 template

Most of the companies need a perfect portfolio to show case their works and services. Intensely is a well created business portfolio and perfect for different business firms.
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Stylish Portfolio – Free Responsive web template

Stylish Portfolio is a nice and well created portfolio mostly suitable for company purposes. You can present the companies services and recent projects in an elegant way using this template.

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Hexa – Free Flat Portfolio HTML5 Responsive Web Template

Hexa is a portfolio template with nice image gallery and it is perfect for designers and photographers to showcase their works.
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BluEasy – Free Corporate portfolio template

This theme contains image gallery section, video section and many more with very helpful features for companies to showcase their services.
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Escape – Free Onepage Corporate portfolio

A HTML 5 template for showcasing corporate portfolio with a onepage fluid design. The template is responsive and has sections to add call to action, branding features, testimonials and many impressive features.
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Folio – Free Photographer portfolio

Photography is a creative art and professional photographers have their own portfolio website template. This template is thus ideal to make photography websites and they can showcase their stunning images using this responsive template.
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Spirit – Portfolio web template

Fully responsive HTML 5 portfolio template for photography websites. It has amazing image galleries and options.
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Designers always need a attractive website to present their stunning works. Folder is such perfect template for designers and creative agencies.
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Zeni – Responsive HTML 5 Portfolio Template

Zeni is responsive HTML 5 Template and mostly suitable for photography related websites. Designers can showcase different types of works in an elegant way.

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Dewi – Portfolio HTML5 Template

Dewi is a nice looking portfolio template and perfect for creative designers.
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Kelly – Free CV Resume HTML5 Template

Impressive portfolios attracts users and higher authorities as it showcases works, projects. Kelly is a nice looking and clean portfolio template with amazing customization options to create personal portfolio website.
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Welding Company Portfolio Template

A specially designed HTML5 portfolio template for welding company. It contains different service details and you can customize each sections to add your services, portfolio ,team members etc.
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Personal Portfolio HTML5 Template

This is a well crafted personal portfolio template where you can create a onepage website with about us page, full width homepage image and brilliant contact details.
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Drifolio – HTML5 Portfolio template

A preloader mustache gif is what you see when you first load the website. Drifolio is a multi page portfolio template with amazing features like parallax effect on a onepage design with an attractive look. This template is perfect to showcase business services with services section, portfolio and many more.
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Big Picture HTML5 Template

With a vertical scrolling of sections with individual images which you can change at will, Big picture delivers a perfect portfolio for freelancers and designers alike with responsive template design.
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Mungo HTML5 Portfolio Template

Mungo is an elegant and well created portfolio template mostly suited for personal designers. It is a perfect platform to showcase all the creative works.
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Stylo Portfolio Template

It is a HTML5 portfolio template for company purposes. You can create any type company related portfolio website.
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Personale -Resume Web Template

Personal designers need a strong medium to showcase their works and websites ate one of the most used platform. This template helps you to create personal portfolio website.
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Emplox is clean and flat designed html5 portfolio template with fully responsive design. It looks great in ann device platforms and it is very helpful in the personal portfolio website creation.
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Peak a Personal Portfolio HTML5 Template

Clean and attractive design always attracts users and peak is a perfectly designed personal portfolio template. It has easy customization options and attractive features. It is very helpful in the creation process.
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Recoup- Responsive HTML5 Portfolio Template

Recoup is personal portfolio template and it helps to showcase the skills and works done by the designer. You can create any type of personal portfolio template using this template.
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Alice- Personal PortFolio Template

Clean and elegant looking portfolio template created using pure HTML 5 and it is perfect to showcase the different works done by the designer.
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Photobook- A Portfolio Template for Photographers

Photbook is a well created and elegant looking photography portfolio template. Using this template you can showcase the stunning captures you taken.
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We Photography

Most of the professional photographers have their own photography website to showcase the the stunning photographs. Those who want to create a portfolio website, this example is a perfect solution.
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Clickon- Photography Portfolio HTML5 Template

Photography HTML 5 portfolio template with amazing customization options and attractive features. It gives elegant look to your website.
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Avalon a Corporate Portfolio HTML5 Template

Corporate always maintain stunning portfolio website and avalon is a perfect template for company portfolios.
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Kronos a Corporate Portfolio HTML5 Template

Well created portfolio template perfect for corporate and helps to present companies services and products.
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Volton Personal Portfolio html5 Template

Responsive personal portfolio template with beautiful design. It has nice features and attractive customization options.
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Masonry-Powerful Online Portfolio HTML5 Template

It is an online portfolio template with amazing image galleries. You can ad your own design works and images in to the template.
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Highlights Portfolio HTML5 Template

Highlight is a clean and beautiful portfolio template helps you to showcase your works in a different way. Amazing features helps to setup your portfolio website in a limited time period.
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Treviso HTML5 Template for Portfolio

Perfect HTML5 Portfolio template mostly suitable for designers and it is very helpful to them. They can present the creative works using this template. Hope examplae is very helpful to your website.
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Future Imperfect Portfolio HTML5 Template

Future is a grid style HTML5 portfolio template and it is perfect to show case different type creative designs.
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Lens-Photography HTML5 Portfolio Template

We get an idea about the theme on the first look. It is an attractive photography portfolio template and perfect for any type of photography websites.
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Brandy- Responsive HTML5 Portfolio Template

Brandy is a well created HTML5 portfolio template perfect for personal websites. It has nice features and you can create any type portfolio website using this template.
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Pluton- Single Page Portfolio Template

Pluton is a single page portfolio template. You can customize this template for your requirement. Addition of creative ideas in to the template helps to increase the look of the website.
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Mabur Portfolio Theme

Mabur is high quality portfolio template with stunning features. It helps to create portfolio website with impressive look. You can create amazing websites using this template.
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Infusion – One Page Business Portfolio HTML5 Template

Most of the business have nice portfolios and here is a well created single page business portfolio template, It is suitable for any type business related portfolio websites.
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Design Showcase HTML Portfolio Template

Grid style HTML5 template perfect for designers. Designers can showcase their works in an elegant way using this template.
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Letrinh- Flat HTML5 Portfolio Web Template

Clean and elegant looking personal portfolio template with easy customization options. It is perfect for web designers.
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Kappe- Personal Portfolio HTML5 Template

HTML5 portfolio template with grid design. It is very helpful in major portfolio websites.
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Travaux-Portfolio HTML5 Templates for Designers

Perfect template for creative designers,. The template contains creative ideas and options. So it is very helpful in the process of website creation
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Vision- HTML5 Portfolio Template

A creative portfolio template with beautiful design and you can create any type portfolio websites using this template.
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Believe- HTML5 Corporate Portfolio

Clean and simple corporate portfolio template. Perfect design and nice feature are the attracting factors of this template.
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Square – Photographer HTML5 Template

HTML5 Portfolio template for photography websites and it has amazing image galleries and nice image presnation options.
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Professional Portfolio HTML5 Template

A well created corporate portfolio template with professional look. This is very helpful to websites with high standard. Hope you like it.
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Dreavity is clean and great looking personal portfolio HTML5 template and it has amazing options. It is very helpful in you portfolio creation process.

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Portio is a nice looking personal portfolio template and it has amazing look and very helpful in the creation of stunning portfolio websites.

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Spore – Free Portfolio Template

Spore is an awesome portfolio website for you. It will help you to showcase your works, designs and much more in easy steps.
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Spore - Free Portfolio Template

Thomsoon – Free Portfolio Template

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Thomsoon - Free Portfolio Template

Spectral – Free Portfolio HTML Template

Spectral is an elegant multi-page portfolio template, where a fixed header and navigation menu in the top section. Its absolutely free for use.
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Spectral - Free Portfolio HTML Template

Modex Creative Portfolio Template

Demo Download
Modex Creative Portfolio Template

Sublime – Free HTML Portfolio Template

Sublime is a free HTML portfolio template, it is completely designed using HTML and powered by the bootstrap framework. Its completely free for both personal and commercial usage.
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Sublime - Free HTML Portfolio Template

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