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15+ Photoshop Search Box PSD Templates

Search Box psd with autocomplete

Search box is important design element to help users to navigate easily and find a particular content from your websites. When a user cannot find an item through navigation menu, then he turns to search box to find the items easily using his a specific topic word. You can even monetise search box with adsense account which makes it essential to have a good looking search box for your website layout and design.

A search box is usually a single-line text box with the dedicated function of accepting user input to be searched in a database. Some designers create search box with lens symbol with in the input field and others design it within the search button making two variants to design for a website.

Below are the psd files which you can download and remake or alter the files which are well grouped to make your search box psd design. If you think of giving fast search to your users, browse your entire collection then go on start integrating any of the following search box in your websites.

Search Box Rebound

A beautiful and minimal search box design with just a outline, a search icon and search text inside a box. This psd is free to download for any purpose.

Search Box psd

Quick Search Box

A simple and beautiful search box design with three fields and outer-line glow on focusing the field.

Search Box – PSD

A two field search box with beautiful and simple search buttons, with noisy background. Blue and white color combination is the main highlight of page.
Search Box - PSD

Blue Search Box

Search box with hover effect, when user hover on the search button the drop-down menu will appear horizontally.

Dropdown menu with search box

Simple menu as default a search box with a text field and a button containing a lens symbol.

Search Box

Search box with stylish appearance, and hover effect. On hover, the drop down menu appears and we can select category from it. This PSD file is free of cost.

Grooveshark Search

The Grooveshark search is simple and giving a pleasant look in appearance.

3D Search Bar

This multicolored 3D search boxes giving an extraordinary appearance for search section.

Dark Search with Tooltip Results

As the name refers the search bar and text fields are extremely dark and while typing the keyword, the relevant keywords will display as a list.

Retro menu with modern submenu

This menu and search are much stylish, and hover effects are applied. On hover green color background will be appearing. The search button is like a badge, its main attraction of the page.

Flat design suggestion search box

This very simple and there is no button for search. Instead of giving button, the search field made as suggestion box and you can select relevant search result from the result.

3 State Push Search Field (Psd)

In this PSD, for the convenience of users, designers designed 3 different states. First one is normal search box, second one with hover effect and third with auto complete and the keyword can be taken from the auto complete list.

Search Box with autocomplete

This is simple but stylish search form with autocomplete.
Search Box with autocomplete

Sleek Search Box

There are multicolored different search boxes are available for free of cost. By the users need, they can choose from the given PSD file.

Pretty Little Search Fields

Here designers providing a PSD file with different 3 sets of search boxes with different backgrounds. Its absolutely free for use.
Pretty Little Search Fields

Red Search Box

The design of the search box and a dropdown is looking pretty. Red color combination is the beauty of the design.

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