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10 Best HTML CSS Dropdown Menus


Find examples and live code samples of css dropdown menus recently available for your project use. Responsive theme is very essential for a modern website as it can increase you overall conversions from tablets and any mobile users who like to visit your websites from these devices. So if you are implementing a responsive theme layout for handheld devices then you must look into these beautiful templates for dropdown listing which can improve the performance of loading as well as overall looks of the design itself.

The flat design itself is pretty cool to view with minmal design effects. The code is very minimal and you can download most of the code as i have provided direct download links for many of the templates. Get these html css dropdown menus for adding further attraction to your old dropdown menus on any website.

Navigation dropdown with unfold effect

This clean css Dropdown Menu template can be used for mobile as a responsive layout to main website theme. The flat design with fading dropdown will impress everyone. Just copy the html code and link the style file with the css code provided and the dropdown will work. There is no other requirements for this template.

Source Page

mobile dropdown menu

 CSS3 DropDown Menu

A set of html dropdown menu and css template with a cool menu system. This is advanced css code and newbies will find it tough mastering.


dropdown menu css

Tablet Dropdown CSS menu

A simple css code with html structure which you can integrate easily on your website which requires responsive design on multiple devices like tablets or mobiles.


resposnive mobile menu

CSS Dropdown with JS

This dropdown menu is easy to implement for anyone. As you can see the source page has three section html, css and a JS field. Adding html and integrating css code is easy and you can add the JavaScript code in script tags in any part of the body element. The resposnive flat design is totally cool to look and changing new colors wont be hard. You can find the direct download link.


html css menu


Dropdown Filter Option

An essential dropdown menu tool with filtering category as required and use it to as a search option.


filter dropdown


Transparent DropDown Menu with CSS

Get this full download of html, css template for organizing your categories as dropdown for mobile services or to integrate it in any part of the website for easy navigation.


transparent dropdown


Stylish DropDown Settings Menu

This amazing dropdown menu will let you navigate your user profile and features easily. The download will provide with all the essential files to easy use of this code.


flat css dropdown menu


Stack css Dropdown Menu

A stack style dropdown menu which is totally unique in style and design is available to download. Get it below.


stack css dropdown

Simple drop-down list

Find amazing effects for this large feature list  dropdown menu. Choose from over 6 transition ans list effects to impress your visitors with a whole new level modern day responsive dropdwon menu.


feature css dropdown menu


Simple Dropdown

A minimal looking dropdown template with pure css and html only code to get faster loading results.


dropdown effect

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  • Hello, I am having huge problems with onchange events, they are not fired at all when the “simple drop down list” style is applied, if it is removed the events work fine, what could be the issue??

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