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Facebook Logo and Its Variants

Facebook is the world widely used social media, which dominates the social media market. It founded in the year of 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Initially it was named as “The Facebook”, in 2005 its renamed as Facebook. Here we collected the Facebook Logos over the years.

You can see the logos of facebook from 2004 to present. Just checkout the awesome collection of Facebook Logos over the years, they have three changes in their logos. In 2015 they slightly changed as the letter double-story “a” changed into single-story “ɑ”.

Go through the collection and enjoy the logos over the years. Hope this article will helpful for you.

The Facebook Logo – 2004-2005

The Facebook Logo - 2004-2005

Facebook Logo – 2005-2015

Facebook Logo - 2005-2015

Facebook – 2015-Present

Facebook - 2015-Present

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