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How to create jQuery Parallax Scrolling Effect with 15 Tutorials


Modern templates have many parallax scrolling effect built into them for appealing user interaction and to make sure users find the real call to action sometimes. Most of the time parallax scrolling goes beyond tolerable levels as most people hate to scroll longer than normal levels. Making sure and keeping parallax effects to jaw dropping and tolerable level is what you must learn eventually.

jQuery Parallax scrolling effect is achieved easily with many pre made jQuery plugins which you can find with these tutorials. Popular plugins used in these tutorials are Skrollr.js and Stellar.js which seems to be better compared to other existing plugins.

By going through these tutorials you will figure out the steps to make a successful parallax scrolling effect which can be later implemented on your website. Effects like fade, slide, bounce, wipe, color, move and much more are introduced in these below tutorials. I would suggest going through one by one for better understanding and you can even download the code as all websites do provide the source code along with tutorial. Find the best tutorials to start your design project with flying scrolling effects in no time.

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Simple parallax scrolling tutorial

One of the best starting point to learn parallax effect with large backgrounds floating upwards while the page elements are moved to the center of the page. This technique is nearly used in all modern day website to get one page parallax effect.

Demo | Tutorial

Simple parallax scrolling tutorial

How to create a parallax scrolling website

A perfect mix of background image blur, text fading, move the background to the left etc can be learned from this top notch tutorial. The scrolling effect is done with the help of Skrollr.js plugin.

Demo | Tutorial

parallax scrolling website

Creating a Parallax Scrolling Webpage Using Jarallax.js

In this tutorial you will learn a parallax scrolling effect the sci fi style with planets moving when the page is scrolled. The scrolling effect is accomplished with the help of a JavaScript module called Jarallax.

Demo | Tutorial

world parallax

Super Easy Parallax Effect with jQuery

This is a very simple parallax effect on a single page website and you can see while scrolling the background image of the hobbit movie moves slowly compared to the text summary which overlap the image in no time.

Tutorial Page

scrolling simple


Nike Parallax Effect Demo

A similar parallax effect to Nike website back in the days when it was released. The background move and stay static on a particular product page for maximum product awareness.

Example | Tutorial

jQuery Parallax Plugin Demo

Jazz up a Static Webpage with Subtle Parallax

One of the simple tutorial to learn a basic parallax effect done on a static responsive website with only one background as parallax with skrollr.js module.

Example | Tutorial

Meaningless Pap

Create a Parallax Scrolling Website Using Stellar.js

With Stellar.js module now brace yourself to learn how to create a parallax scrolling effect. Here multiple backgrounds are scrolling efficiently behind your main call to action object which is pretty much made static and in the center of the whole page. This is one big tutorial so make sure stick with it all the way.

Example | Tutorial

Create a Parallax Website

A Simple Parallax Scrolling Technique

As the tutorial naming this is very simple scrolling effect but the work behind is brilliant and this can add to improve your web design skills with parallax websites. Here we could see the background and the text moves smoothly while we scroll down. The text scrolls fast compared to the background improving the total appeal of the website.

Example | Tutorial

Parallax Scrolling Tutorial

Achieving the parallax effects with jQuery

As you can see most of the tutorials are inspired by the Nike website when they were released around the good old days. Dont worry just because the tutorial is old as you will learn the parallax effect much better with tutorials done by top authors. This tutorial requires basic skills on parallax effect so make sure you have gone through above tutorials before trying this. More of a script code with little details.


parallax 1


Create a Cool Website with Fancy Scrolling Effects

A tutorial by Chrisspooner and if you dont know him then you can find him on youtube for his gaming walk thoroughs, tips etc. This tutorial gives indepth knowledge on multiple scrolling effects starting from background to internal website elements like rotating, moving the objects.

Example | Tutorial

My Homes

 Animated Header Background with jQuery Parallax Tutorial

Overdoing parallax may be bad but to put parallax effect to where users will find it totally understanding is the whole purpose with this tutorial. This tutorial showcases four backgrounds with one static background and three moving backgrounds which move horizontally and vertically on mouse hover.

Example | Tutorial

parallax horizontal effect


How to Create a Simple Parallax Effect Using CSS and jQuery

This is easy tutorial and simple enough for the visitor without any disturbances.

Demo | Tutorial

Create a Simple Parallax

How to implement parallax effects on scroll using CSS & jQuery

The position of an object for parallax effect is shown here with the help of a brick which is fixed for certain point and then becomes relative in position.



jQuery Parallax Scrolling Tutorial

In this tutorial you can see an example of three layers of image used to get the parallax scrolling effect. The three images will be moved x pixels in distance set us.

Demo | Tutorial

parallax effects

Tutorial on how to build a Parallax Website

A parallax website tutorial with download of the source code which is similar to above mentioned tutorials where 6 layer of images are used to achieve the scrolling effect.

Demo | Tutorial

Parallax Website

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